HBK Braunschweig Rundgang

Freie Kunst, gesamter Rundgang


Betreut von:Prof. Natalie Czech
Ort:Geb 05 / Raum 211
Zeiten:Gesamte Öffnungszeit
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Ansicht, Foto: Hanna Jung und Arthur Detterer

In my artistic practice I focus on fashion and spiritualism in different media. My diploma exhibition is about the origin. Where is the origin of the textiles we wear and what is it about the little certificate of origin made of unrecyclable mixed fibres sewn into the left side or neck? At the same time, they tell us the last place of production but neither the yarn nor the fabric nor the other ingredients and they tell us the brand but not the production conditions, they tell us a size but not whether it really flatters your individual figure. What is the origin of our textiles? Where does cotton, linen or hemp start? The cotton, hemp or linseed sprout comes to life after a long sleep and knows exactly what it wants to become and what it will have to do to become it. It is a poetic analogy to awakened consciousness or personal enlightenment. Where is the origin of the sprouts I use for my ornamental prints? They also exist in physical form on an organic support within my material research. And I am opening a SPROUT BAR on Saturday to provide a taste of the little nutrient-rich creatures. What is the highest origin and what is God? And isn't God in every grain of sand? This discussion carries a T-shirt that can be purchased at the exhibition.