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DIPLOM ‚Inside A Living‘ // William Kim

Betreut von:Frances Scholz
Zeiten:Gesamte Öffnungszeit
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'Inside A Living' features solely newly manufactured works. The exhibition provides a sceneric space and reflects on the interdependence of In-Out, to see and to be seen and the two poles of Public-Private, an inquiry on courage and community. By shifting shadows and revealing contrasts this juxtaposition intimates their intrinsic kindred spirit. The artist situates spheres in balance between individual and communal, actual and fictional, function and fiction what makes it intricate to distinguish between two poles. It is on the one a mundane experience and on the other an experience of the structure behind the mundane, patches of unprimed canvas peeking trough the real. William Kim's identity has been largely shaped by the Street. In his tales the Street is of fundamental signification which surfaces in few but lingers in all. An aura of often scruffy vibrance encapsulates his work's compounds, yet the conceptual collocations radiate a sensitive strangeness poetry-pollinated. The found forms often ground on already made items produced in other contexts by others. The materials derive and sprout from quotidian encounters, where one can literally trace the trail and walk path back to the items origin's, where the immediate imprint of his perilous practice becomes palpable.