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DIPLOM 'Three Tigers and Bare-Breasted Women' // Hyejeong Yun

Betreut von:Prof. Candice Breitz/ Kerstin Honeit
Ort:Geb. 05 / Raum 004
Besucher*innen sehen:Bildhauerei

“Somehow, I was always afraid to go to Japan.” — Yun Hyejeong returns to her hometown to attend the "Jecheon Righteous Army Festival" after a long time away. Every October, the town holds a memorial service to honour the ancestors who resisted the Japanese invasion 100 years ago. She shares the stories of the loud cry that was heard on the same day years ago and the last tiger — a symbol of strength and power in Asia —that was hunted down during the colonisation. Through a collage of photo postcards from that era that were often staged in a studio, she questions how the invaded woman's body became the image of the colony. What mechanisms are used to rationalise colonial rule? The colonial matrix, however, was shifted through South Korean soldiers hunting Vietnamese tigers and raping women during the Vietnam War.

At the end of the film, Hyejeong shares the story of how she accidentally arrived in Japan a day early without the friends she travelled with. She meets a woman at a restaurant near Karasuma Station, and the two share a meal together.